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Mobile Phone Insurance

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Insurance that covers all devices in your household

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Business insurance to cover for damage, breakdown, loss & theft

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Mobile phone insurance cover

What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance covers your phone in case it gets accidentally damaged, stolen or lost. It protects your phone even after your warranty expires.

Do I need mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance is a lifeline for when things go wrong – and given how important smartphones are, it’s always worth having protection in place. 

A mobile phone policy might be extra useful if:

  • You tend to be a little clumsy, or if you have a history of losing or breaking your phone
  • You have a very valuable smartphone that you can’t afford to replace
  • You’re in a long-term contract with your network provider
  • You’re reliant on your phone and would need a replacement immediately (not all policies offer this)

Whatever happens

Your cover in detail

Accidental damage

Whether it's a cracked screen or button fault, if your phone gets damaged by accident we’ll repair it. If it’s not repairable, we’ll replace it.

Malicious damage

We'll cover you for any damage caused to your phone intentionally by anyone outside your immediate family.

Liquid damage

If any fluid gets into your phone and causes damage or makes it stop working as it should, we'll repair it - if it’s not repairable, we’ll replace it.

Mechanical breakdown

Repair or replacement if your phone develops mechanical problems, for example, fails to charge, becomes unresponsive, develops camera faults.


Losing a phone can be stressful and worrying. We'll get a replacement to you if you accidentally lose yours.


What our customers says

Easy to set up and at a reasonable cost.

Benjamin Sunderland

Very affordable insurance cover saving lots now I've moved to them.

Will Harison,

I somehow managed to drop my phone in the bath.. I got almost new replacement within 7 days. Very impressed how fast the claim was process.

Michael Jordan,

Easy to set up policy. Cheapest provider I found.

Matt Henry

Cracked my screen and was repaired after two weeks.

Roshni Khan

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